how to format write protected usb drive

Er. Dhananjay

4 May 2012
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hi there,
i have two pen drives one is transcend (4gb) and one Kingston (8gb). these both shows disk is write protected and could not format by any means, i tried all possible means, tried different
systems for formatting,
tried low level hdd format tools,
online recovery,
registry edit,
format using ntfs,
hp formatting tool,
and so on.........
but not succeeded. how get rid of these instead throwing these garbage :angry:angry:angry
seems you have done everything, still let me try my best.

try to format the usb from safe mode with command prompt.

that is, press F8 on boot and select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" once you are in command line, type the drive letter of usb ( like G: )

once you are in G: type format G: and hit enter, press Y for the format notification. this should remove the write protection and format it.

NOTE: this may not work in normal command line inside windows, better boot to safe mode with command prompt. ;)
ok then try this....

Open registry editor >> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> Control >> StorageDevicePolicies

If this key does not exist, create one called StorageDevicePolicies. Select the key and right-click into the right window.

Select New >> Dword (32-bit) Value from the right ckick menu and name the entry WriteProtect >> Double-click the new entry >> change the value to 0.

A value of 1 disables writing to USB devices. If you want to enable writing you need to change the value of the key to 0.
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