Sad News Heath Streak seriously ill with cancer


5 Oct 2015
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Heath Streak, a former Zimbabwe captain and arguably one of the greatest cricketers from the African nation, is seriously ill and is on his deathbed. Calls have been issued from Zimbabwe cricket and the sporting community to pray for his health.

Streak (49), who played 65 Tests and 189 ODIs, is believed to be convalescing in a hospital in Johannesburg and his family reportedly is rushing there from London.

Country's Sports Minister took to Twitter and wrote: "Heath Streak is on his last legs. Family en route to South Africa from the UK.. Seems only a miracle will save him now. Prayers up (sic)."

Streak, 49, who battling with cancer of the liver told his writer on Wednesday morning from Zimbabwe. "It is a total rumour and a lie. I'm alive and well. I am very upset to learn that something as big as someone apparently passing can be spread unverified especially in our day and age of social media".

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