Guide Guest users can now compose a thread or a reply before registering

Hello everyone,

Guest users can now access the New Thread button and the Quick Reply editor among various other tools that are available to registered members, allowing them to create a new thread or reply to a thread before registering.



The experience is similar to a logged-in user. However, when guest users hit the Post Thread or a Post Reply button after composing their message, users are greeted with a message that states, "Thanks for your contribution. To post your content, please register an account first," along with a registration form.


Guest users need to fill out the registration form, including username, Email ID, and password. They also need to agree to the terms and privacy policy. Alternatively, they can login or register through external accounts. Once the user has completed the registration, the composed message will be submitted automatically, and the user will also receive an alert with a link to that post.


Registered members can also compose a thread or a reply without logging in, and they can use the Login option available on the reply submission page. Once the user is logged in, the composed message will be submitted automatically.
I think it is counter-intuitive to force guests to log in in order to post their content. I do not understand the purpose of offering a text entry box for a guest if they have to register anyway.
We aren't forcing anyone here bro. They can still decide not to register even after submitting the post. If they are really interested to reply, they would join. Or they can submit the post, and disappear after seeing the registration request message. It's just like we get samples to taste in a sweet shop before buying sweets or like the trial room in clothing stores which allows us to wear 10 shirts before selecting the 11th one. Are we gonna call them counter-intuitive? It's better called as business strategy.
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