Google's new service asks: 'What Do You Love?'


7 Apr 2011
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LONDON: Google has launched a new website, that presents the results of searches across 20 different Google products on one page.

It is a new search engine, which presents a diverse set of information about any topic that a person is interested in. features a simple gray page asking at-top "What do you love?" with a search bar to the side, the Los Angeles Times reports

Once a user enters a search query, the site presents its results in 20 widgets containing many of Google's different types of searches, such as news, blogs, YouTube and Picasa photos.

The new website popped up online with no marketing or introduction by Google, but was reported first by TechCrunch, which posted a story after being tipped to the site's launch.

The Search giant Google has also launched its new social networking website in its latest attempt to challenge Facebook.

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