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Google's New Service WDYL.com Surfaces


2 May 2011
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The new WDYL.com is actually Google's way of asking "What Do You Love?". Once you enter a query, it offers "relevant" results categorised by Google's services.

To test this service, I entered the word "Rajinikanth" to get the following results.

As you can see, it's not very informative, and mostly tries to promote Google's products and services such as Chrome, Picasa, Earth, and Blogger. It also fails to understand that Rajinikanth IS THE ONE AND ONLY, and offers to find a Rajinikanth nearby. Blasphemous!

Right now, the service is good for having a few laughs. However, it is not ready yet, and Google will certainly improve it before the official launch. Till then, head over to www.WDYL.com and let us know which term returned the weirdest results
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