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Google tv (Android mobile) launched.

Actually Google TV was there 4 days ago itself but I was not aware of it as new...😄
This is in my Vivo v20 mobile..This update maybe for new recommendations...

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Google tv (Android mobile) launched.

They should give the same update for the Google TV app for Android TV and provide the integration of all OTT apps in it. Then one could just remap the home button to Google TV and use that as the default home app
Nice to see it has Software remote built-in for Google TVs or Sticks
Works super nice with Realme Stick
Now dont need seperate Android TV Remote app

It stores in with Google aps section..It was auto stored with Google for me...
Move out from there...

I couldn't find this Google TV icon in google apps section, but i found that google play movies & tv icon gone after update.
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