Google search to show at-a-glance summaries about earthquakes


21 Jun 2013
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Google is now making it easier for users to find information about earthquakes in their areas.Users just need to Google search ‘earthquake’ or ‘earthquake near me’ queries to get quicker and timely information. These results will be shown right at the top of the search page, which means users don’t need to click on different links to find out such critical details.

Google has collaborated with the US’ Geological Survey (USGS) to provide the new feature. So, whenever a user will type ‘earthquake’, Google will collate data from the USGS to show up a map of recent earthquakes along with details like epicentre and intensity of the hit. In addition, it will also show safety tips to follow in case of an earthquake.

According to TechCrunch , the earthquake search result feature by Google is global, but, for now it is only available in English. However, when we looked up Google for an earthquake search, it did not work for us. We are assuming the feature is limited to certain countries right now.

Google’s new feature is likely to make it easier for users to respond to earthquake related disasters. Besides the new search integration, Google already offers a crisis response tool that helps users to collect and share emergency information in case of disasters. Facebook has also a similar Safety Check tool which helps users let their friends and families know about their well being in such crisis.

Google search to show at-a-glance summaries about earthquakes | Latest Tech News, Video & Photo Reviews at BGR India
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