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google search tips..


7 Apr 2011
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>>{1}The tricks are-
define: - This google
operator will find
definitions for a certain
term or word over the
Internet. Very useful
when you come across a
strange word when
writing a post. I use this
as a google dictionary.
example : ( define
info: - The google info
operator will list the sets
of information that
Google has from a specific
website (i.e. info:http://
site: - This google
operator can be used to
see the number of
indexed pages on your
Alternative it can also be
used to search for
information inside a
specific site or class
of sites.
link: - This google link
operator allows you to
find backlinks
pointing to your site.
Unfortunately the count is
not updated frequently
and not all
backlinks are shown
allinurl: - Using this
Google operator will limit
the search to results
that contain the desired
keywords on the URL
structure. (i.e.
fileformat: - Useful
Google operator for
finding specific file
formats. Sometimes you
know that the information
you are looking for is
likely to be contained in a
PDF document or on a
PowerPoint presentation,
for instance. (i.e.
“ fileformat:.pdf market
research” will search for
PDF documents that
contain the terms
“ market” and “research”)

1. Google trick to search
different file formats
(keyword filetype:doc)
2. Google trick to search
educational resources
(keyword site:.edu)
example ( computer
3. Finding the time of any
location ( time
4. Finding the weather of
any location ( boston

{3}>>As we all the people uses torrent files to download various things, but it is difficult to find out torrent, so to solving this problem
i am posting here the trick to find torrents..
Simple way...just
*ur file name*
You must not write
( * ) when you
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