Google launches cloud-based music service 'Magnifier'


5 Aug 2011
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Riding high on the success on the Google+, Google has now entered the online music business with “Magnifier”, a service that enables users to upload their music collection to the cloud and listen to them online, on Android devices and even offline. The launch comes months after it launched the beta version of the service called “Music Beta”.
Apart from uploading music on the Magnifier, one can discover and obtain new music as well. The Magnifier also has videos of live performances, interviews of the artists and a free song archive where one can explore songs from different genres.

To access the tracks from the “Free Song Archive”, you need to have a Music Beta by Google account. “If you don’t have an account, request an invitation). Head over to Magnifier, find the songs you want, click on the “Add free music” buttons and the tracks will be instantly added to your library in Music Beta,” says Google's official blog post. The entire service, including cloud storage, is for now still limited to U.S. based customers.
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