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12 Jan 2012
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Google Drive spotted in the wild, still looks exactly like Google Docs


Google’s long-rumored cloud storage solution, Drive, has been spotted on one user’s account. Not surprisingly, it looks about the same as Google Docs and a handful of the company’s other online services.

A reader forwarded the above screenshot to Geekwire, which also managed to dig up Google’s planned logo for the service (see right). Google refused to comment on the news, which is par for the course when it comes to rumors.

We heard last week that Google was close to launching Drive, so we’ll likely see the service popping up on more accounts soon. It’ll be interesting to see just how Google differentiates Drive from Google Docs, which allows you to upload files of all types and share them with others.

The screenshot above has an option to “Install Google Drive,” which is likely a way to integrate the service alongside your typical desktop folders.

With Google Drive, the search company will be going head-to-head with other cloud storage services like Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive. But given that Google is already holding plenty of important files for people via Google Docs, it wouldn’t be too difficult for consumers to trust Google with their other files.


Google is looking to launch its own cloud storage service in the near future, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. The new cloud service will apparently be called Google Drive, and will be geared towards easy access across multiple types of portable and desktop devices.

Google Drive, taking on Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Apple iCloud, will reportedly allow storage of photos, documents and videos, and access via any Web-connected device. Sharing files will also easy, with users able to pass on a link to the file via email. Drive is expected to be a free service, with paid premium benefits like larger storage.

The idea of a Google cloud storage service has apparently been in the works for years, with a project internally known as G Drive doing the rounds in 2007. Since that time, a lot of services have been catering to the rapidly growing demand for cloud storage, and Google is definitely a big player missing from the market.

Google apparently hopes to compete with DropBox and other mobile-accessible cloud storage services, by offering much cheaper paid storage, leveraging its massive server farms. Integration with Google Docs is of course, expected.

Source : Digit
They already offer around 7Gigs in GMail, with a limitation of 20MB files...

I guess it would be like SkyDrive, with FTP services...
All signs point to the release in early April of Google Drive, the company’s much-anticipated cloud storage locker that will offer 5GB of free storage and provide access to data from mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

Google declined to comment, but several reports indicated Google Drive is expected within the first two weeks of April and will allow users to upload and share photos, documents, videos and other content in the cloud.

The offering will compete with cloud storage rivals, including Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Box and Microsoft SkyDrive. Dropbox offers 2GB free to users, Box and Apple iCloud offer 5GB free, and Microsoft SkyDrive offers 25 GB.

Google Drive is expected to integrate with Gmail, allowing users to share content via links embedded in e-mail. Drive may also integrate with Google's cloud collaboration and communication suite.

One feature of great interest to business users of the storage service is expected to be admin-managed storage, which will allow IT administrators in businesses to purchase the service for multiple employees.

Currently, Google Docs provides 1GB of free storage and allows users to purchase more storage individually. Allowing an administrator to purchase storage for multiple employees will make using Google storage much easier for organizations.

Source : crn
Google Drive, the internet giant’s rumoured cloud storage service,may just be launched today, in both its free and paid avatars, if the latest reports are to be believed.

Google’s cloud storage service has been rumoured since 2006, and recently came back into public consciousness in January this year, with more details making themselves apparent in February. That the company would be thinking along these lines is not unexpected, with it already owning some of the largest server infrastructure on the planet, the Android mobile/tablet ecosystem, and the Google Apps and Docs online productivity suites.

Google Drive would become a rival to DropBox, Box, iCloud, and other cloud storage services, and if also offered to the enterprise and developer side, compete with Amazon S3 and HP’s upcoming service.

Well, now it is the last week of April, and if the rumoured April release date is to be believed, Google Drive should arrive within the next few days, if not today as the latest reports are suggesting.

Google Drive is expected to offer 5GB of free storage to the general public, and its Apps customers, and charge for additional storage space up to 100GB. It will apparently also include third-party developers into the service, allowing users to save and load files directly from Gdrive. The interface is expected to be similar to the current Gmail service.

Source: Reuters
After battling launch rumors for over 6 years, the actual Google Travel has finally launched! the Google Drive.

Google Announced this news in their Official Google blog on Tuesday, the service will integrate with Google Docs and will allow you to access files from anywhere and collaborate on documents with colleagues.

Google Drive is available for:
PC and Mac
iPhone and iPad (coming soon)
Android devices
At this time Google is offering GB of storage to all its users for free. If you need more than the 5GB, then it is offering several tiers of storage options.

You can also upgrade your File Space to 25GB for $2.49/month, 100GB for $4.99/month or 1TB for $49.99/month. Also one more great feature, if you upgrade your account to a paid account, your Gmail account storage also expands to 25GB.

Visit and check out the new Google Drive from here.

See the below video to know more about Google Drive.
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Yeah, I noticed, Its more user friendly, where we can access directly all important sites. like gmail, youtube etc. Also the games and the calendar are quite useful and entertaining.
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