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Google Chrome crosses 1 billion mobile users, unveils new Material design


21 Jun 2013
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Google, which recently unveiled Chrome 50 stable version, said that its Chrome browser has 1 billion monthly mobile users now. The company also put out more monthly data regarding its search pages, speed and security
in a blog post.

Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Director and Stats Stockpiler in Google, said, “Here at Google, we’re obsessed with stats, so we thought you might enjoy a whirlwind tour of Chrome, by the numbers.” He added that the company’s mission is to provide users a fast, simple and secure browser with Chrome, which was rolled out in 2008.

According to the blog post, 771 billion pages load each month, with the Chrome saving 18,6528 years of typing for users, thanks to search auto-complete. Over 2 million less data is used each month because of Chrome’s data saving feature, 3.6 billion web pages are automatically translated and the browser’s smart warnings protect users about 145 million times from malicious web pages monthly, it said.

Google has also announced a reward of more than $2,500,000 for hackers to find bugs in Chrome’s system, to help strenthen its security. Google Chrome already has over 1 billion active users worldwide. But it is the first time, it has crossed this mark on smartphones.

Google also rolled out a refreshed Material version for Chrome with changes in themes, tab shapes, icons and more. Sebastien Gabriel, Senior designer at the company said that the company has brought Material motion to the core with complex morphing ripples and bubbles burst on the icons.

It revamped the Chrome with a dark coloured theme for Incognito mode, changes in tab shapes, new colour scheme, buttons and info bars and more.

Meanwhile, Google rolled out a refreshed Material version for Chrome with changes in themes, tab shapes, icons and more.

“We also created two different layout: One mouse optimized layout and a more spaced-out one that we are calling ‘hybrid’, which will be deployed by default on touch-enabled Chromebooks. The goal of the layout is to enable better touchability without comprimising layout density and productivity,” Gabriel added.

According to Google, the Chrome Material version will bring a complete visual overhaul to Chrome’s layout. It also introduced a Chrome Hybrid layout, which will be deployed first on touchscreen Chromebooks only.

“Coming with this redesign, the “Hybrid” layout which aims at Hybrid devices such as convertibles and touch-screen enabled computers enables better touchability while compromising as little as possible on productivity,” Google explained

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