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Watch up to 3x more with Data Saver on Android TV

Today, we're proud to introduce a set of 4 new features for India that help users get the most out of their smart TV with limited mobile data (and it works great with Google’s Files app).
  1. Data Saver reduces your data usage on mobile connections, increasing watch time by up to 3x
  2. Data Alerts help you monitor your data usage while watching TV
  3. Hotspot Guide helps you set up your TV with your mobile hotspot
  4. Cast in Files lets you view downloaded media from your phone on your TV without using data
New UI for Google Play Store for Android TV.
Looks really nice and minimalistic.
Yes the play store looks nice now, but the content is same. Android tv needs some serious revamp from ground up. Too bad that google doesnt allow core customisation to Android tv platform like they do for mobile version
Stay entertained and informed from home
Many of us are turning to our TVs to stay up to date and entertained while we stay in. To access fresh news and fun entertainment quickly, you’ll now find three new rows from YouTube right on your Android TV home screen:

COVID-19 News gives you the latest from authoritative publishers and local health authorities to help you stay informed.
Stay Home #WithMe features videos that invite you to cook, listen to live music and work out, so you can stay connected, even if you’re home alone.
Free movies from YouTube highlights movies you can watch for free with ads, so that you can find something new.
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