Going on Trip to Dubai (UAE)


11 Aug 2013
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Hi guys

I'm planning to go for a trip to Dubai (UAE) in coming months. I'll be going there for first time so I dont have much idea about that country.

So I wanted some expert opinions about following things:

1. What are the must visit locations in Dubai?

2. Is shopping in Dubai cheaper than India? Should I purchase electronic items or other stuff in Dubai or is it costly there?

3. Is there anything to purchase which is Dubai famous about? I mean something which I should purchase in Dubai?

4. Is there anything which is cheaper in Dubai compared to India?

I'll highly appreciate all kind of replies. :)
^^ Thanks. I'm waiting for more replies from people who live in Dubai or have traveled to Dubai. :)

Dubai is a city of wonders. Everything there is must visit ones. But to mention few i shall list following
1) Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in world)
2)Burj Al Arab (only seven star hotel in the world)
3)Dubai Mall (Largest Mall in the world)
4) Dubai Metro (Longest driverless fully automated metro in the world).. I am proud to be a part of the team who built it:)
5)Palm jumeira islands (Man made islands)
6) Atlantis hotel and its Aquariums
7) Jumeira beach
8) Miracle gardens
9) Desert safari and belly dance
10) Souqs in Deira and Mina Bazar
11) City Centre

and countless number of wonders..

Regarding shopping you can buy gadgets like mobiles,game consoles etc for cheaper than india

LED and LCD TVs are also cheaper but taking it to india will force to shed some more money as customs duty..

And at last not but least petrol it is very much cheaper than India but you cant take it to india :D just kidding
Forget to mention you can get good cigarettes, Alcohol at Dubai duty free.

Also dont forget to buy perfumes and chocolates from Dubai
^^ Thank you so much mate for your information. I'll definitely note down those places and will try to visit them once I go to Dubai. :)

:):) Good news to if you are in Dubai

In your return journey if u promise to carry 5KG Gold u can get 4 lac rs+ ticket free for India also the gold have invoice plus they give u money also to pay custom duty for that Gold.:p:p:p
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