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5 Aug 2011
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Flipboard, the popular iPad app that transforms your social networking feeds into a sleek magazine, is now available for the iPhone. The app has been redesigned to suit the iPhone’s 3.5-inch display as well as a new Cover Stories feature that learns your favorite topics and brings relevant stories to the main app screen.

If you’re not familiar with Flipboard, the app connects to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Thumblr, Instagram, Google Reader, Flickr or 500px accounts and displays the latest updates in a magazine-like format. In time, the source selection in Flipboard has grown, with major publishers offering specially formatted articles and advertisements in the app, while if more than one person uses the iPad, each user can have their own Flipboard account.

What’s new in Flipboard for the iPhone

The new iPhone version of Flipboard looks a lot like its iPad sibling, but there is one main adaptation for the 3.5-inch display; unlike the iPad version, where you flip pages horizontally like a magazine, the iPhone version uses vertical page flips. In my hands-on with the app, I found the vertical page flips are great for one-handed use, as you just scroll through pages with your thumb. This is quite a difference from the iPad app, which is better suited for browsing with the index finger.

Debuting with the Flipboard’s iPhone app is also a feature called Cover Stories, which comes from all the titles you have subscribed to within the app, including social networks. As you start to add sources into Flipboard, story highlights will appear in this first screen when you open the app. Cover Stories will learn which stories are of interest to you in time, and if you want to mute a specific source from it, you can do so by tapping a source’s avatar and then the head button. Cover Stories is exclusive to Flipboard for iPhone right now, but it should make its way to the iPad version “in the near future.”

If you have a lot of accounts and settings stored on your iPad’s Flipboard app, you will be able to transfer all your preferences to the iPhone app by simply logging in with your Flipboard account. Meanwhile, tech pundits love the iPhone version of Flipboard. Robert Scoble wrote on Google+ that he’s “addicted. It's a wonderful app and I've moved a ton of my reading to it.” Even Apple’s Phil Schiller said on Twitter the new app is “very nice.”

source : pc world
The official release of Flipboard for Android might still be weeks away but the application is already out in the wild. Thanks to an XDA user (I use this site for info and other things about my mobile), who extracted the app installation file from one of Samsung Galaxy S III demo units, it is now available for download to anyone.The installation procedure is pretty easy and Android users will just have to download the "APK" and transfer it to their Android devices and hit install. Some users might need to enable install from unknown sources in their phone/tablet settings.Flipboard is a news reading app, which was only available for iOS devices till now. It was first demoed on Android at the recently concluded Samsung Galaxy S III launch event and is supposed to be a Galaxy S III exclusive for a few months.I have tested it on my Galaxy S II device it is so smooth and awesome.




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Flipboard, the popular magazine-like social media aggregator, has just added shopping to its pages. Now you can discover, collect and buy products via Flipboard and create your own catalogs, said an official blog post.

Clearly aimed at the holiday shopping frenzy, this new feature will come in the form of 10 shopping catalogues curated by Flipboard staff. There will be magazines based on themes like Modern Man, Beauty Bar, Home Sweet Home and The Pantry as well as popular brands like Banana Republic, eBay and Levi.

The apps has been letting its users create their own and now they will also be able to create customized shopping catalogues by just clicking the Flip It bookmarklet on their browser. Using the bookmarklet, you can add products from virtually any retail site on the Web into your magazine. When flipped into your magazine, most products will display a price, quickly indicating to readers that it's a shoppable item, the blog said.

Flipboard was founded by Mike McCue and Evan Doll in 2010. The app competes with apps like Zite, Pulse and News 360 which has similar news and social aggregation features.

By partnering with retail brands that understand the value of curation and presentation, we are able to kick off shopping with some incredible new content for our readers to browse, buy or share, said Mike McCue, CEO Flipboard.

User studies show that people want to shop on Flipboard, and since the introduction of magazine curation, one of the most received requests is to add products to a magazine.

Starting today, anyone who uses Flipboard on Android can connect their Mastodon account and flip through content from the federated social network. With this integration, you’ll see posts from your Mastodon feeds on Flipboard, and you can like, boost and reply to them from within the Flipboard app. You can also add content from Mastodon to your Flipboard Magazines, and vice versa: share content from Flipboard with your followers on Mastodon.

Flipboard has decided to suspend their activity on Twitter/X.

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