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fix kingston 32 gbface pen drive


7 Apr 2011
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Windows thinks "32 GB Kingston" USB Pen drive has 32 GB of memory, and lets you format only to this maximum value it thinks is correct. However when I write more than 1 GB onto mine, the file names get nonsense,the content corrupt. (+-+-+-+-+-+-+)

So it has actually only about 1 GB of memory the rest is cheating! Download "mkdosfs" click here
which allows you to specify a number of blocks to format on the drive.
unzip the compressed file. Run mkdosfs.Silent.exe Suppose my pen drive is I:, so I typed on a Windows cmd prompt: MKDOSFS -F 32 I: 2060000

it formats the drive in FAT32, with 2060000 blocks of 512K (which gives you 0.97 GB / 993.28 MB).

I checked by filling up completely the newly formatted drive with files that all files are written correctly.

After running this command, you should also check by yourself that files are correct until the drive is completely full, since your Pen Drive may have even less memory inside.
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