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7 Apr 2011
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Top 10 Improvements/Features Of Firefox 4.0
Design:--Firefox 4 has undergone a major design change.It has borrowed the looks from Google chrome.The Tabs are now placed above the Address bar providing a good and clean look.
Synchronization:-Firefox now allows you to synchronise your browser with other firefox browser running on another device like between Firefox on Computer And Android.You can even Synchronise the opened tabs of your browser.
Addon Gallery:-The Addons gallery has also been redesigned and now opens in a tab instead of a popup window and provides better interface addon management.
Html 5 Support:--As Internet Explorer 9 has provided support for html 5 similarly firefox 4.0 also supports the html 5.
Stability:--If one of your Tab crashes due to flash or any other application then firefox tries to protect other tabs from getting crashed.
Hardware Acceleration:-As Internet explorer 9 provided better graphics rendering support by using the computer processor(Hardware Acceleration) similarly Firefox 4.0 also uses hardware acceleration
Speed:-There has been an approximate 6 times increase in speed of firefox as compared to its older version due to new javascript Engine.
Tab Switching:-You can easily switch between tabs if you have lot of tabs open.Just start typing the tittle of the website and you will automatically get the option to switch to that tab.
Panorama:-You create groups of similar tabs using Firefox new feature Panorama.
App Tabs:-You can create small tabs using the App Tabs feature of firefox 4.You can pin your favourite website into App Tabs.
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