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Feature phone suggestion

Sai Jai

5 Jan 2015
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There was same problem in one of my relatives homes (jio network problem). But, when they bought JioPhone, it was so well customised for jio sim (as the mobile is from the same company) that the call clarity and the network was better than the smartphones in the house. There were no issues with regards to call connectivity. Even today, they find some call issues on smartphone with jio sim but not with JioPhone. And not to forget 2 years unlimited plan that's going around now.
It's not only Jio phone that's the good thing in all feature phone ex) in my Airtel sim i put it my Android it show 3 signal bars but the same place when I put in my feature phone it shows full signal bars no signal drop while calling .. if feature phone itself shows 3 signal bars in feature phone then in Android it shows only 1 signal sometimes not even in that this was the experience in Vi .. so old is gold 😎🤝
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30 Apr 2011
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Everything is good in jio phone but as months go by the issues of keypad and software starts to give trouble...This creats irritation in those old people...
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