Facebook p**n malware found infecting users: Here's how to protect yourself


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6 May 2012
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Reports are coming in that Facebook users in India are being infected by malware through the social media website, which spams p**nographic material on their timelines before infecting others.

The malware is allegedly present in a link to video, shared on a user’s timeline. Although “hundred of social media users” have reportedly faced the problem, we can’t independently confirm that this is an epidemic. However, if this is actually the case, the source is likely a bit of malware that was doing the rounds in the US in January this year. The malware, part of the Kilim family, specialises in infiltrating a user’s facebook account through a downloaded Trojan. The Facebook post baits you into clicking a link with the ow.ly shortened URL, which then redirects you multiple times until you get to malcicious website. That website then checks your platform and, accordingly, either pops up ads on your phone or asks you to download a bit of software for your computer.

The software is a Trojan, obviously, but is most usually disguised as a flash player update. Pretty sneaky. That Trojan then makes a copy of itself on your system and begins downloading video player extensions for your browser from a remote server. These allow it to then post the aforementioned p**nographic content to your Facebook profile, and it simultaneously also spams your friends’ profiles with a links to video that will get them infected too. If you’re eager for some more in-depth information, this blog might be able to tell you what you want to know.

So now, the question is, how do you stay safe? Firstly, and most obviously, don’t click on a suspicious link on your timeline, even if it’s been posted there by your friend. It’s highly unlikely that someone on the internet is willing to give you a free iPad, or you’ve won money in a lottery you never entered. It’s even less likely that a friend of yours found a p**nographic video of you and them posted in on your timeline (which is what bait on this round of malware attacks reportedly is). Trust me, if they’re really your friend, and you actually have a p**nographic video to worry about, they’re not going to put it on your publicly viewable timeline. If they give you a discreet phone call however, maybe you should be worried then…..

Secondly, don’t ever instal Flash Player updates or any other video player from an unknown website. In fact, don’t download any files from a website you don’t completely trust. If you really want that latest Flash Player, get it from the official Adobe website.

Thirdly, always keep your antivirus up to date. I know it’s easy to forget about it when your software expires, but it leaves you vulnerable. Also, downloading an ad blocker can help greatly when dealing with malware. Ad blockers block popups and even malicious links, so it’ll go a long way, and most of them are free.

Now, if you’ve already gone and exposed yourself to a possible malware, it’s not too late yet. Run your antivirus and do a deep scan. Delete or Quarantine anything that triggers warnings. Check your browser extensions for anything you didn’t download. Same goes for your Facebook profile. Open your profile, check the Applications tab and look for an app that you didn’t sign up for or one that looks out of place and delete it. And if you still continue to face problems, Facebook has a great community forum with a lot of people ready to help.

Facebook p**n malware found infecting users: Here's how to protect yourself | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis
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