Facebook Messenger (for Android) [Review]


5 Aug 2011
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With integrated SMS texting, the Facebook messenger app for Android is worth downloading if you spend a lot of time communicating with friends from your mobile device.

Ability to send SMS texts in addition to instant messages
Multiple settings for push notifications

No list of friends online
Profile pictures of friends missing when using SMS
Some messages received in duplicate.
Isn't one Facebook app enough?

Is there a difference between the social networking you do online and the interactivity that takes place through text messages and real-time online chatting? If there is, the new Facebook Messenger app for Android will immediately make sense to you. Others, on the other hand, will see it as a needless second app that largely duplicates select features of the original Facebook for Android app (free, 3.5 stars). Facebook Messenger, which was developed by Facebook itself, compartmentalizes the more immediate activities of SMS texting and instant messaging by putting those two functions into a dedicated app. It's similar in many ways to BlackBerry Messenger, the private instant messaging service that lets BlackBerry smartphone users text-chat with one another, only Facebook Messenger is confined to the world of Facebook rather than one platform (in this case Android, though there is an iPhone version, too).
Optional alerts, or push notifications, let you know when incoming messages are received, just as your phone does with ordinary text messages. All the features of the original Facebook for Android app, including Chat, are still available—they haven't disappeared—so if you don't want a second Facebook app, you don't have to install Messenger. But there are a few reasons you might want it.
Faster, More Accurate Numbers
According to Facebook, the Messenger client works faster than the instant messaging tools in the original Facebook app for Android, although in testing the app, I couldn't see a noticeable difference. The time it took to send and receive a message from Messenger to Messenger versus Facebook app to Facebook app was so slight (less than half a second), I can't say the difference wasn't caused by human error. All my test messages came through in less than three seconds, regardless of which apps I used. The Messenger to Messenger times were all under two-and-a-half seconds.
The real advantages of using the new Facebook Messenger app are that 1) it includes SMS (texting) as an option when sending a message, and 2) it draws phone numbers from your Facebook connections' when those people have made them available rather than contacts list in your iPhone, reducing the chance that you have an outdated or incorrect phone number. Other services have combined SMS with instant messaging before, so Facebook Messenger isn't wholly new in this aspect. What makes it special for most people, however, is that it leverages their Facebook network. One of the often-overlooked strengths of Facebook is that it's a central source of data about your friends, including their phone numbers, email addresses, and whereabouts (and maybe that creeps you out). If you want to send a text message to a friend but don't have her phone number stored in your phone, you can quickly send her a Facebook message instead. And if she's added her phone number to Facebook and granted the appropriate permissions, the app will automatically pull up her number as an option, in case you would prefer to send her a text.
If you're worried about your phone number being synced to Facebook without your knowledge, the culprit doesn't appear to be Facebook Messenger, but rather the syncing feature from the original Facebook app (which you can disable). But even if you disable the feature, anyone who has your phone number stored in his or her phone can add your digits to their own Facebook "contacts," i.e., phone numbers, list. And, it's also worth noting, that in our testing here, we could not verify that Facebook follows through on its promise that it won't share the phone number with others. We found a few instances of unexplainable phone numbers cropping up on some accounts.

Source : Digit magazine.
yesterday i downloaded the fb messenger in my laptop and it is very good. though it is not as upgrated as yahoo messenger. the services such as my webcam service is not available in fb messenger. but i feel soon they will introduce to compete with yahoo messenger which is the best messenger in the world.

fb messenger may also introduce chat rooms as yahoo messenger and give a tough fight to yahoo.
They tried providing mail service and I still don't think they have activated it for users. They are trying to provide Camera app to directly upload images via android phones. Messenger is also an attempt which I guess may not be used by many as people login facebook to chat and not use the platform independently only for chatting.
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