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13 Feb 2011
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Hey frnds....I just say that i'm got addicted to facebook very much..
I donno it's good for me or bad...But i can say it's not good for our mast DDF family...:angry:':)'(
As i'm not tht much regular here but i really try to be here..As their are my some best frnds like BAPUN, Arsh, SS,and so on....offcourse Karthik family as well.;)

I really appreciate their hard working...they are real members of DDF.:eek:hya
I also wanna be the contributor like them...:):):luv:luv
Ranaji said:
Can you guys tell me how can i give my performance here...??
Just follow the footstep of members of ddf.......

First surf ddf regularly and go through various threads posted on daily basis.

Then you will have the idea how & what to post here in ddf.....

I appreciate that you are keen to give good performance here in ddf.... :tup

We all are here to help you in this regard,
Practise to surf ddf regularly and be online, if time permits.
Next try to post threads reg videocon dth(you are using).

Any intrested areas also you can post and follow ddf rules.
Thanks for the appreciation.if you want to contribute to DDF just keep visiting and also keep an eye on your DTH for any updates.
We had made some key dates in our dairy reg dth arena(about addition and removal of channels) and we act accordingly. Thats all.
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