Durand Cup 2023

1st half
Lag behind by 0-1 vs NEUFC
Durand Semi final
EB playing like ameture today...
The man of steel
Scored in derby
Now scored for equaliser in semi final
And scored as a last penalty tacker
Although i feel today we play better and win as a better deserving team
Then I must say u didn't watched the match tonight and came to conclusion after watching score card only.
EB today failed to play 3 consecutive pass in mid field, no head accuracy from siverio well that is part and parcel of game but if you cant control midfield You can't win the match and Mind you NEUFC played away match not Us , so we must took the advantage of home match but we failed thats the proof of 0-2 score line at 55min of play.
Anyway , A win is a win.
And I will expect on final that we will play the same way we played in last derby match.
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