Article Disney+ Hotstar limits the number of devices each user can watch Multiplex movies on to curb account sharing


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3 Sep 2019
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What was the limit earlier and what is the limit now?
RIP Splitsub subscribers.
What was the limit earlier and what is the limit now?
Only 1 Device for VIP subscribers....1stly I tried in VIP and it showed only 1 device but forgot to take pictures...Now it shows as three device but allowed in only 1 device...
I have a Disney+HS Premium subscription and I got 1 device popup while trying to watch Laxmii while others with Premium tier received 3 devices limit.
I have both VIP and Premium subscriptions...
Here is confirmation from VIP

Subscribers of Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Disney+ Hotstar Premium will be able to watch a Multiplex movie on any 3 devices of their choice. When a subscriber starts watching a Multiplex movie, s/he will be asked to confirm if they want to start watching the movie on their current device. Once started, the subscriber will need to complete watching the movie on the same devices – Consent will be asked and allowed for only the first 3 devices. He or she will not be able to watch the movie on a 4th device.

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Hotstar says 3 devices for VIP. I see 1 device on Android but Desktop says 3 devices for VIP. Buggy system seemingly.
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