Breaking Crunchyroll to bring further Hindi Subs & Dubs Anime series for Indian Anime fans and attend upcoming Comic Con India events

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28 Apr 2018
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Crunchyroll to bring further Hind and Indian English Subbed & Dubbed Anime series for Anime Fans in India and would attend upcoming Comic Con India events for first time . its even where all comic fans and anime/ cosplay events are conducted and fans to gather and discuss their favorite characters with authors and creators.

Hindi subbed & Dubbed anime series which would be added in Crunchyroll for Indian Anime fans are - they would add weekly dubbed episodes - Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no yaiba entertainment district , darling in the franxx ( first one understandable action shounen , 2nd one similar to dress up darling to an extent

there were more than few anime series mentioned - anime mentioned below in screen shot - RADIANT anime s1 along with Hindi dub and continue to dub ranking of kings episodes ,

and further - Indian english sub & dub along with hindi dub in upcoming months - Akebi's Sailor Uniform , Tokyo 24th ward, trapped in dating sim : The worlds of otome game is tough for mobs , and Miss KUROITSU from the monster development department

for ongoing season - All saints street , Raven of the inner palace , BOCCHI THE ROCK, Do It Yourself!! , Legend of Mana-The teardrop crystal, Mobile suit Gundam: The witch from Mercury and Berserk: The Golden Age Arc- memorial edition available now in english subtitles

further English content would be made available to Indian subscribers from Crunchyroll library on first and third Wednesday of each month starting November

Apart from shows Crunchyroll would also attend upcoming Coming Con India Events for first time - Bengaluru (19th November to 20th November 2022 ), Delhi ( 9th December -11th December 2022 ) and Mumbai ( 11th February to 12th February 2023)



Crunchyroll to Bring More Subs and Hindi Dubs to Anime Fans in India

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