“Cloud Computing Is A Big Focus Area For Us”


5 Aug 2011
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Mumbai-based Lauren has created a separate team to provide cloud computing services, both public and private, and is ramping up its sales and delivery focus

Outlook: The dip in GDP growth and rising inflation have not directly impacted the channel, but CIOs and IT managers have become cautious. In fact, the CIOs/IT managers who had held back investments post-2008 will now start investing because they will have to execute the pending projects. As far as Lauren is concerned, we are vending OEM products, and unless there is a large impact on the overall economy there will be no immediate impact on us.

Opportunities: Our target is 20-25 percent growth. In our business, if there are big-ticket transactions there’s a spike in revenue, and we ensure that the spikes are adjusted over the quarters.

Customer strategy: We decided to focus on the cloud initiatives, especially SaaS, at the beginning of the financial year. We earmarked a separate team for setting up the cloud infrastructure for customers. We look at it as an investment not just for this year but for many years ahead. We have tied up with TCS for its iON, IBM for its cloud services, and Microsoft for its messaging. By the end of this fiscal we want to be recognized as a good partner in cloud technologies.

Operational efficiency: We are talking of about nine percent inflation. Ideally, it should be around 5 percent. The RBI has increased interest rates many times. The cost of operating is going to be high, so to maintain profitability with the same profit parameters is going to be a challenge. We are moving up the value chain and are getting more employees certified.

HR and finance: The job market has suddenly picked up, so salaries have gone up. It is a perennial challenge. We recruit freshers from NIIT, and opt for experienced people at a senior level.

Key message: The model for service delivery is changing, especially SaaS, which is rapidly being adopted by SMBs, while large enterprises are getting on the private cloud. They are hosting their data centers and virtualizing platforms, which is the first step to cloud computing. The automation layer is the way to go.

source : crn
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