By how much should I upgrade my SSD-256 GB or 512 GB?

28 Dec 2021
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Usage of my laptop-:
I have old laptop 4-5 years old. I am from Nepal and here we don't have money to buy laptop every 5 years...And I am student from middle class family so currently buying laptop isn't affordable to me.

Here are details of my laptop


How I will use my laptop-:

1) I use it for learning. I open ~30 tabs at once in google chrome. That's why I have decided to go with 8 GB RAM.

2) I use it for learning programmig, specially my plan is web development or app development.

3) I will use this laptop till I get a job which will clearly take me 3-4 years to get a job as I am going to graduate after few months.

upgrading SSD and RAM-:
I have decided to take 256 GB ssd and 8 GB RAM. but what I am sceptical about is that should I get 256 GB SSD or 512 GB SSD. I want to buy 512 GB SSD only if it is very necessary, else I don't want to spend money on it. It should be worth the investment. I mean in the sense it should last long enough. The reason I am confused is that my hard disk might fail anytime. So IDK what to do, I am very confused...Please guide me.

The cost of 512 GB SSD is Rs. 8500 here in Nepal. Whereas the cost of 256 GB SSD is 3500 in Nepal. The cost of 8 GB RAM is Rs.5600. The reason I am trying to add RAM is simply because I open lots of tabs and during that time my memory usage is above 90%..
512 GB SSD will be more than enough if you just put windows in it only but considering the price difference I would just you to go with 256 GB SSD
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