Seeking Help Buzzing sound from speakers when connected to TV

Hi guys!
Recently we purchased a Fire TV Stick and I am having some problems connecting it to the speakers. It might get a bit long, so please bear with me.

So we have a 2.1 speaker setup for watching TV. The speakers only support 2RCA (left & right) input and TV only has RCA & 3.5mm Aux port for audio output (no HDMI Arc or Optical). Earlier when we had Cable (Siti Digital) connection, we used to connect the STB to TV using HDMI and connect the TV to Speakers using a Aux to 2RCA cable, and it worked fine. But when we moved to Tata Sky, connecting it the same way used to create a buzzing/humming sound. So we took the audio directly from the STB intead of TV using 2RCA to 2RCA cable. And it started working fine again. But now that we have a Fire TV Stick, we have no way to connect it to the speakers other than using the same method as earlier (TV's Aux to Speakers 2RCA). And as expected, the speakers are again making that buzzing sound. So we are now stuck with the TV Speakers for the Fire TV Stick. I have tried using different cables, but no luck.

Do you guys have any idea of what's happening? Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Thank You.
Check that energy saving mode on TV is off
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