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13 Aug 2017
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A few months after I got my first iPhone (13 Pro Max), I also now have my first proper smartwatch in the Apple Watch Series 7.
This one is having Starlight color, an aluminium chassis and is 45mm size without cellular connectivity. I've applied screen protector already

I bought this from US at a discounted price of $329 => around INR 25k.

Battery life has been surprisingly good - although I have turned off Always on Display. I last charged it on Wednesday evening to 100% and right now at the time of writing this it is at 21%.


The one thing I disliked is that for an app to be installed on the watch, you need its companion app on the iPhone as well (except for some of Apple's apps).
I was also a bit bummed when I realized that you can't control Powerpoint Presentations on your Mac directly from the Apple Watch. That is only somewhat possible using the Keynote app. The presentation needs to be synced to iCloud - something that most companies won't allow - and then first the iPhone has to be setup as the remote for the Mac, then we need to add the Apple watch as the companion. Unnecessary complication. A company like Apple should have made this seamless...

Other than that, it feels good owning an Apple watch otherwise.
I plan to utilize more fitness features of the Apple Watch once I go back to gym in Bangalore.
The below story is related to Apple Watch Series 7. We don't have any dedicated thread for this device from what it looks like to posting it here.

An Apple Watch Series 7 user is speaking out after their device overheated, started smoking, and eventually exploded. The case was brought to Apple’s attention and the company confirmed it would investigate what happened. At the same time, however, Apple also attempted to coerce the user into staying silent and not sharing the story.

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