Blackberry phones hit by ZeuS Trojan virus


22 Mar 2011
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'Everyone, who has a Blackberry, will now have to worry'. Guess why? You might be using a Blackberry, but you would never know that your phone is been virus stricken. Virus ZeuS Trojan that has started affecting all the Blackberry devices.

Amit Nath, country manager, India and SAARC at Trend Micro said that the virus aims to monitor users private information especially when they conduct mobile banking. The Trojan ZeuS is being used by cyber criminals to corrupt the phone's security. The virus has been designed specifically to mess with the Blackberry's SMS feature.

The worst part of the virus is that ,the user will be unaware even if the virus installs itself in the OS. Trojan disables the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and it's not even seen in the list of application. As the virus installs itself, it sends a confirmation message to the administrator to start receiving commands. It can view, delete and forward SMS, block calls, change the administrator on the device and block the numbers.

Well, that is not the enough for the virus; it can also change the telephone number the device sends all the data to in the event that it gets shut down. The main aim of the virus is to track the users' private information.

Amit Nath points out that there is no definite data on how many phones have been hit as the users mostly don't get to know that they have been infected. But he is sure that the virus is spreading fast even in India. He also said '. We have detected instances of the virus on our clients' networks. This virus has the capability of spreading on its own and infecting phones that do not have anti virus software installed.'

An email has been sent to Research In Motion, manufacturers of BlackBerry phones. But all the emails went unanswered despite repeated reminders.

Abhijit Limaye, director, development at Symantec, said, "BlackBerry has a reputation as being a secure platform. However, it is still susceptible to malware threats and has issued advice documentation for customers to minimize risks. They have also released software applications to help customers protect their data."

Vinoo Thomas, technical product manager at McAfee Labs, said, "While Trojan virus can replicate and spread on its own, there are a few spyware that needs to be loaded manually. One can buy the spyware programs like MobiSpy, MobiStelath and FlexiSpy for between $40 and $80."
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