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20 Jul 2014
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Open-source password manager Bitwarden has gained a feature that might give you some peace of mind in case of an emergency. If you're a premium subscriber (at $10/year), you can now specify designated contacts that can request access to your Vault to help out if you can't get ahold of your passwords yourself.

The feature only works if your contact is a Bitwarden user, but since that's only a matter of signing up for the password manager's free service, that shouldn't be a big hurdle.

Bitwarden now lets you grant others emergency access to your passwords
How good is Bitwarden? I am looking for a good password manager.
Bitwarden launches a new passwordless authentication feature making it easier and faster to log into your web vault. The Log in with device option lets you use a second device to authenticate your web vault login instead of using your Bitwarden password.

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