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5 Oct 2015
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched an Aadhaar based mobile payment application called BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) - a rebranded version of UPI (Unified Payment Interface) and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), at the Digi Dhan Mela event in Talkatora stadium in New Delhi. PM also felicitated winners of Lucky Grahak Yojana. At the event, PM also made payment to Khadi using the Bhim mobile application.
The app can be downloaded from Android app store.
The new app expected to minimise the role of plastic cards and the point of sale machines once believed to be essential for a less cash society.
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The app would eliminate the fee payments for service providers like card companies such as Mastercard or Visa, which has been a stumbling block in merchants switching to digital payments making it affordable to even merchants in remote villages, said people familiar with the development. All that it needs is an Android phone with the merchant.
How does it work?
Merchants need to download the Aadhaar cashless merchant app on their smartphones connected to a biometric reader, which is currently available for Rs 2,000. The customer will then feed his or her Aadhar number into the app, select the bank through which the transaction will take place, and the biometric scan will work as a password for the transaction to be authenticated.
"This app can be used by a person to make payments without any phone,'' Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey had told ET.
"Almost 40 crore Aadhaar numbers already stand linked to bank accounts - that is half the adults in India. The aim is to link all Aadhaar numbers with bank accounts by March, 2017."
Other announcements at the event
At the event Tihar Jail was announced a cashless society.
These days, maoists and hawala racketeers are worried, Ravi Shankar Prasad said. He said, indirect taxes, direct taxes, general insurance have increased.
This Christmas, the Government of India announced the Digi Dhan yojna which will run for 100 days..This is meant for everyone who uses digital modes as a consumer. In this 100 days, lakhs of families will get rewarded, said PM Modi at the event.
Very people know that Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar, who gave us the constitution, was a great economist and had even wrote a thesis on Indian Rupee. During British rules, Bhimrao Ambedkar gave a new insight of Indian economy. RBI was born out of Ambedkar's thesis, said PM Modi.
All businesses would one day run on this Bhim app, said PM Modi.
It is a very simple application and your fingerprint is enough. You won't need internet or a smartphone for this, said Modi.
More than 100 crore people have got Aadhar and work is on to cover others. There are more than 100 crore phone in the country - PM Modi.
It (the Bhim app) will empower small traders, tribals, farmers and this is why this app is named after the man who worked for the dalits - PM Modi.
Mantra of Dr. Ambedkar was to work for the upliftment of the poor. And the biggest power of technology is that it can empower the poor, said PM at the event.
Furthering digital connectivity would do wonders for our nation, Modi added.
For those with a positive mindset, India has several opportunities, said PM.
The day is not far when people will get loans in five minutes - PM
People used to hear how much money getting lost in scams, now they are hearing what has come back or what is the gain, said PM in a veiled attack to previous Congress government.
The Prime Minister also thanked the media for highlight issues related with digital payments.
Our country has the potential to become sone ki chidiya once again, he asserted.
For the first time, India united to remove its own shortcomings, said Modi.
Previous governments fought elections on basis of gas cylinders, but during our government 1.20 crore families voluntarily opted out of subsidy, claimed PM adding that this would help poor and transform the country.
PM Modi also asked people to atleast do five digital transactions from 1 st January 2017.

PM Narendra Modi launches Aadhaar based mobile payment app called BHIM - The Economic Times
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How many apps :wall which one is authroize :huh dumping of apps :eek:eek:nj ..
BHIM is purely UPI app... Previous one was Aadhaar based payment... Totally different scenarios of usage
India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced a new app to encourage more Indians to pay online in the aftermath of invalidation of most circulated cash last month.
Called Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM), the app works on top of the country's UPI mobile banking platform and uses a mobile number as the payment address. The app, which has the simplest user interface for any UPI-enabled app to date, is positioned as a substitute for plastic cards and point-of-sale terminals.

To use BHIM app, a user is required to register their bank account with the app, set a UPI PIN for the account, and use their mobile number as payment address. Users also have the option create a custom payment address. The biggest selling point for the app is it works across all banks and users do not need to use separate apps in case they have multiple accounts in different banks.
BHIM also supports QR codes to make it easier for people such as merchants to enable people to pay online. A user can pay as much as Rs 20,000 ($300) in a day.
"This app is destined to replace all cash transactions," said Modi at an event Friday. "BHIM app will revolutionize India and force people worldwide to take notice," he added.
UPI is India's audacious project to make person-to-person and e-commerce transactions swifter and easier . The penetration of bank accounts, and by extension, debit cards and credit cards remain low in India.
With UPI, the government is trying to bring banking and financial services to its entire population. About 400 million of the 1.12 billion bank accounts are linked to Aadhaar cards reports suggest.

BHIM app will replace all cash transactions in India: PM Modi
What Is BHIM App, How Can You Use It?
Here is your 10-point guide to BHIM:
The app allows you to easily transfer money or make a payment from your bank account using only your phone number. If the shopkeeper uses the BHIM app too, just open the app, choose “send money”, and type in the amount and the merchant's phone number to make the payment. The money will be debited from your account, and credited to the merchant's bank account which are linked by you and the vendor to the BHIM app.
BHIM is now available as an Android version download now, and iOS is coming soon. 2.
The app also allows you to scan a QR code. The merchant can generate his QR code through the BHIM app. To pay him, you'd need to tap the Scan and Pay button in the app, and then scan the QR code.
Even without a smartphone, anyone can use BHIM to make payments.You need to dial *99# from any kind of mobile phone, and this will show a menu - by typing in different numbers you can choose to send money, check your balance, or see transaction history.
To send money, for example, you'd type '1' and hit send, then type '1' again to select mobile number. Next, you'd type in the number and the amount, and then a PIN that can be generated using BHIM. This will work on any phone - even Rs. 1,000 feature phones - without an Internet connection.
Shopkeepers can use the BHIM app and receive money from a smartphone, or if the customer has linked a bank account and her Aadhaar ID, then the merchant can use Aadhaar Pay, an app that was soft-launched days ago. For this, the merchant has to have a smartphone (even a basic Android phone will do) and a Rs. 2,000 fingerprint reader. This is currently being distributed free in Aadhaar Payments pilot projects around the country.
On the shopkeeper's phone, the customer types in her Aadhaar number and chooses her bank. Then, the shopkeeper uses the fingerprint reader for instant confirmation to complete the payment. The customer don't need to carry her Aadhar card, or use a phone, only the merchant needs these.
With a mobile wallet app, you have to load money in the wallet before you can use it. With BHIM and all UPI (United Payments Interface) apps, you can directly connect your phone to your bank account - like a debit card. Payments are happening directly from and to bank accounts, so merchants don't have to worry about transferring wallet earnings to the bank either.
There is a Rs. 10,000 per transaction limit, and Rs. 20,000 per day for BHIM. 9.
All UPI-connected banks accept BHIM - this includes all major Indian banks including SBI, ICICI, Axis, and HDFC. Even banks not connected to UPI can receive money through BHIM through IFSC, an 11-digit code assigned to every bank branch by the Reserve Bank of India.

BHIM App Launched by PM Modi, Explained in 10 Points | NDTV
Sai Laxman said:
How many apps :wall which one is authroize :huh dumping of apps :eek:eek:nj ..
Where do you get many apps ? It's the only merchant app which is Aadhar enabled.

BTW according to NPCI, the creator of the app, this app requires android 8 or higher. [emoji1]


Sarkar said:
Where do you get many apps ? It's the only merchant app which is Aadhar enabled.

I meant All type of payment or wallet app (from government as well as private) :k ..
Android 8
:rofl :rofl :rofl
Should have been ios version 8 or higher and android phones version 5 or higher!!
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