Bengaluru woman accused of killing 8 puppies to teach their mother a lesson


10 Oct 2014
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Bengaluru: A day after a Delhi man was caught on camera stabbing dogs, a similar incident came to light in Bengaluru. A woman was booked for allegedly killing eight puppies that were born in a drain near her house in north Bengaluru.

The woman, identified as Ponamma, allegedly flung the puppies onto a boulder. Her neighbours alleged that the woman killed the puppies to teach their mother a lesson for giving birth to the litter near her house.

Reacting to the incident, activist Tamanna said that the woman poses a threat to the children in the vicinity, urging the residents in the area to be careful.

"There is something terribly wrong with that women, people around there should be careful with their children, because such a woman is highly capable of harming children when she sees nobody is watching her," said Tamanna.

She added, "The police should have immediately arrested because that woman is a threat. They are supposed to take action. There is law. You cannot be cruel. That woman should be socially ostracised so that she knows the pain."

The accused, however, dismissed the allegations saying she saw two of the puppies lay dead and left them there.

"Can I kill them this way? There were seven pups, two lay dead here, I just saw them and left them there. The other two were taken away by their mother. Yes, I left the dead puppies, the second day, she left the dead puppies here. When the BBMP car came, I put the dead puppies there. These people are irritating me," she said.

Bengaluru woman accused of killing 8 puppies to teach their mother a lesson - IBNLive
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