Azharuddin's son injured in accident


8 Jun 2011
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Hyderabad: Congress MP and former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin's son Ayazuddin was on Sunday injured in a bike accident in Hyderabad.

Ayazuddin has been admitted in the Apollo hospital and is said to be in a serious condition. Hospital authorities said that his condition is critical and he has been put on ventilator.

Reports say that Ayazuddin was riding his bike at a high speed on the outer MG road in Hyderabad when the accident took place.

More details were awaited from the hospital authorities.
Azharuddin's son critical, nephew dead in bike crash
oh so sad.....i think he was in speed bike.
I know its off topic:

I had a terrible accident today morning when i was coming to office....just for a moment i thought i am gone...

It was peak hours in the morning riding my bike in a main road (Opp. to Good Shepard School) in chennai....going at 40 kmph both my self and the auto guy were taking left...the auto guy came very close to me...he brushed my bike mirror with a hell a lot of vehicles coming behind me....once he brushed my mirror i lost control of my bike..i fell down from the bike to my right...i was hit on my right shoulder by auto before i fell...after falling down those 3-5 secs horrible thinking was going on....when i fell down i felt i am going to be ok with less injuries but i was worried whether any bus or car coming over my i thought it happened...but thank god the bus driver pulled the bus by breaking with some distance....

Thank god i was wearing helmet...when fell down my head hit the right leg was under my usual the crowd gathered pulled my bike which was over me...they made me to sit for a while gave me some water....some 1 picked my watch and mobile and gave it to me...have sprain in my right leg and bit in my back...some wounds in my right leg...right hand and finger with fingers swollen.....

I really need to thank to the people who helped especially the guy who gave me water and the guy who gave me watch and mobile....i felt it was god willing that made me all happened in a big main road in chennai...

When i came to my office i dont know i cried a bit.....

My shirt and pant were torn after sitting in my office for some time...went back home changed my clothes back to office...

How many times i would have seen some people got hit by some 1 on the road...till this day i have never bothered to get down from my bike to help them....this would never happen in my life....

I thank the almighty from allowing me escape from death....

God has shown me life & death very close to me today...

I wish Azhar's son is safe and recovers well soon.....
With the God's grace, nothing happened to you physically. Auto Rickshaw's should be banned in all metros. In Mumbai city there are no autos, only taxis.
I thanked god was him who saved my life...i have comes across several accidents read in news papers and in TV that guy getting stuck inside a car or a bus or a lorry...luckily it didnt happened to me....

I am all well except few niggling injuries to my right leg and right should...
ah thnx for advice dear now a dear i am not driving so fast also not doing stunts everyay.but it happened with me already check out here-

mansoor2005 said:
Bapun Raz said:
oh so sad.....i think he was in speed bike.

Bupan sir ...i loking here .you well drive very tc
Mohd Azharuddin's son continues to remain critical

The condition of the former cricketer Mohd Azharuddin's son Mohd Ayazuddin, who was grievously injured in a mishap in Hyderabad, continues to remain "very critical".

According to Dr Hari Prasad, CEO Apollo Hospital, nephrectomy (removal of kidney) was done on Ayazuddin on Tuesday.

However his neurological status continues to remain a matter on concern. It is suspected that there may be a significant brain dysfunction due to anoxia during the period in which the patient was in a collapsed stage following the accident.

19-year-old Ayazuddin had met with a accident on Sunday morning when the 1600 cc Suzuki sports bike he was driving skidded on the outskirts of the city.

Ayazuddin sustained serious injuries in the head, chest and abdomin. His cousin Ajmal-ur-Rahman (16), who was riding pillion, succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the Apollo hospital.
Azharuddin, who flew in here from London, was in the hospital with his family members.
Ayazuddin is the younger son of Azharuddin and also plays local league cricket. He is son of Nourin, first wife of Azharuddin who divorced her and married actress Sangeeta Bijlani. Azharuddin and Nourin's elder son Asaduddin also plays cricket in the local league.
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