Apple's new iPad arrives for Rs. 30,500


2 May 2011
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Apple fans, it's time to rejoice!

The new iPad -- launched only last month on March 7 -- will go on sale in India just over a month after it officially started retailing in stores around the world on March 16 (and immediately dismantled). The time taken by Apple to launch its predecessor, the iPad 2, in India was slightly more -- the iPad 2 was announced on March 2, 2011 and arrived in India on April 27, 2011.

According to Apple, the new, third-gen iPad will first launch in South Korea and 11 other countries on April 20 later this week. That doesn’t concern us all that much, but Apple further stated that the new iPad will further grace India and eight other countries on April 27, 2012 i.e. the last Friday of this month.

On April 27, the new iPad Wi-Fi and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G variants will be available in black or white in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. Fence sitters who aren’t sold on the new iPad should note that Apple has further slashed the prices of iPad 2 in India.

Here’s the detailed price of the new iPad in India (including VAT):


16 GB

32 GB

64 GB

new iPad (Wi-Fi)

Rs. 30,500

Rs. 36,500

Rs. 42,500

new iPad (Wi-Fi + 4G)

Rs. 38,900

Rs. 44,900

Rs. 50,900

As you can see, the launch price of the new iPad is significantly lower than what one online shop was taking orders for last month -- was selling the 16GB Wi-Fi only model of the new iPad for a whopping Rs. 36,799 as of March 22. In the end, a little patience did the trick.

Also, with the launch of the new iPad in India on April 27, Apple has (expectedly) slashed prices of the existing iPad 2. Here’s the updated price (including VAT): Rs. 24,500 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only model, and Rs. 32,900 for the 16 GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G.

The new iPad will only be sold through select Apple resellers -- at least on launch day i.e. on April 27. Do also check out our review of the new iPad.

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