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Apple claims App Store achieved record-breaking sales in November

21 Jun 2013
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Apple is sure set to end this year on a great note. After announcing that its Apple Watch sales set a record during the first week of holiday shopping, the company has now added another feather to its cap with its App Store. With over 2 million available apps, the second-largest app store reportedly achieved record sales in the month of November. Apple Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, took to Twitter to announce that the App Store accounted for the “highest monthly sales ever in App Store history.”

Philip Schiller
November 2016 was a record breaker for the
#AppStore - the highest monthly sales ever in App Store history!

Although Schiller did not mention further details as to how much ‘record-breaking’ sales did the App Store actually achieve, since it has broken past record, we can very well expect it to be higher than last year when it generated over $1.1 billion between December 20 and January 3. Despite iOS user base being stonger in the US, it was recently reported that users in China outnumbered their American counterparts when it came to App Store expenditure in Q3, 2016. Users in China, where Apple is yet to gain a strong foothold, spent $1.7 billion on iOS apps, which is about 15 percent higher than the Americans’ spend of nearly $1.45 billion during the same period.

The strong surge in App Store sales is likely a result of the successful release of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September. Given the approaching holiday season approaching, it is expected that a lot of users will move to the world of iOS and hence, further help boost the sales of iOS apps.

In order to make the App Store experience better for iOS users, Apple recently announced major changes it plans to bring in the near future. Other than removing apps which no longer function as intended, Apple further charted out a list of improvements designed to “make it easier for customers to find great apps that fit their needs.” Some finer tweaks include a character limit of 50, including space, on the app names. This has been done to curb the use of long app names to influence search results. With shorter app names, Apple wants to make search more accurate and make apps discoverable.

Adding to Apple’s year-end celebrations, Apple CEO Tim Cook also announced that its one-year-old music streaming service has now reached 20 million subscribers, which is more than Spotify that was launched in 2008. These numbers are a result of Apple’s tie-up with popular music artists and labels who make their music exclusively available through Apple Music. This basically means users will have to subscribe to the paid service if they want access to music which is not available on any other streaming services.

Apple claims App Store achieved record-breaking sales in November
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