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Good News Mangamo Manga Subscription Service App Launched today in Apple App Store & offers Free 2 Months Trial

Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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Mangamo Manga Subcription App Launched Today in App Launched today in App Store & Offers Free 2 Months Trial to Apple App Store users across the globe except Japan , China & Korea. They are legal Manga reading subcription App . They only publish licensed Manga's from licensed publishers. Mangamo is the first mobile manga subscription service that gives readers around the world unlimited access to hundreds of titles from a growing list of publishers while supporting creators. It contains no ads.

Manga are Japanese comic books, which means they are written and generally read from right to left. Since people of all ages read manga in Japan, they span many genres — action, comedy, romance, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and others. They are drawn with more reaction in detail in Manga , manga is the source material from which some of the Anime are made. in Manga they show different perspective of scene and sketch it and explain different emotion of characters through sketch and the movements.


FAQ | Mangamo

New manga subscription service launches with a quarantine-friendly 2-month free trial

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