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'Angry Birds Friends' is now in fb


2 May 2011
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Rovio has announced another variant of its popular Angry Birds series – “Angry Birds Friends”. The new Angry Birds game has debuted on Facebook with weekly tournaments, powerups, and competition with friends.

Angry Birds Friends also features Share and Play option, new power ups and daily rewards. Rovio said the game comes with four new levels that are in tournament-mode, while new levels will be added on a weekly basis.

By achieving the highest score among friends in the tournament, user will receive a gold trophy. For first runner up, user will be given silver and bronze to the third runner up. In addition to the daily rewards, user can also earn power up via tournament made. Three power ups can be earned with a gold trophy, two with silver and one for bronze. User get a power up for each tournament level he plays, and one for joining the tournament.

“Think you’re the best Angry Birds player around? Prove it with new weekly tournaments! Every week, you have from Monday to Sunday to compete with your friends on four different levels,” says the Finnish developer in its blog post.

So far, the base “Angry Birds” is the only one that has arrived on Facebook. Other Angry Birds installments Angry Birds Season and the latest, Angry Birds Space are only on Android and iOS platforms.

Rovio has recently announced plans to launch “Angry Birds Heikki”, which is supposed to have “fun Angry Birds game levels with a racing theme in addition to other bespoke content” and is likely to be launched later this summer.

Meanwhile, check out the new Angry Birds Friends in video trailer below

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