AMD FX CPU Achieves Guinness World Record


5 Aug 2011
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AMD has grabbed Guinness World Record for the highest frequency of a computer processor by overclocking the upcoming 8-core AMD FX desktop processor.

The AMD FX CPU, set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2011, achieved a speed of 8.429 GHz, surpassing the previous record of 8.308 GHz.

“The processor speed that resides in the AMD FX CPU demonstrates performance gains for the new AMD Bulldozer multi-core architecture, which will provide x86 computing power for this CPU and future AMD accelerated processing units,” said Chris Cloran, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Client Group, AMD.

According to the company, all FX branded products, including the upcoming AMD FX CPU, will offer unlocked processor clock multipliers to enable an unlocked experience, and include AMD software through the AMD Vision Engine to fine-tune system performance.

source : crn
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