Airtel ₹349 Plan Now Offers 2GB Data Per Day & ₹549 Recharge Provides 3GB Daily

Sai Jai

5 Jan 2015
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Airtel offered 1.5GB data per day with Rs. 349 pack till now

With Rs. 549 recharge, subscribers used to get 2.5GB per day

Both plans will come with free outgoing calls on roaming as well now


The Rs. 349 Airtel plan was launched in September and originally came with 1GB daily data allocation, along with unlimited local and STD calls and 100 SMSes per day and validity of 28 days. The daily data limit was increased to 1.5GB in November, roughly two weeks after Jio updated its plans. Now, the Rs. 349 plan offers 2GB data per day, thus giving consumers a total of 56GB data in the validity period.

Moreover, users will get free outgoing calls on roaming with this pack now. In comparison, the Jio Rs. 309 plan offers 49GB data at 1GB per day and 49-day validity, along with free calls, 3,000 SMSes, roaming outgoing calls, and access to Jio apps.

Similarly, the Rs. 549 plan by Airtel had 2.5GB daily data limit till recently, but will now provide consumers 3GB data every day. Along with this, users will get unlimited local and STD calls and 100 SMSes, and free outgoing calls on roaming. With validity of 28 days, it provides Airtel subscribers with a total of 84GB data. Jio, in contrast, offers 1GB data per day and other freebies at Rs. 509, but with validity of 49 days

On the Airtel website and app, the Rs. 349 and Rs. 549 plans are still listed with the old data allocation, but when you add them to the cart, they show the new data limits of 2GB per day and 3GB per day, respectively.

Airtel Rs. 349 Plan Now Offers 2GB Data Per Day in New Effort to Beat Jio
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