Acer Chrome OS Netbook Details Leak


7 Apr 2011
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After Samsung, Acer Chrome OS Netbook Details Leak

In the midst of all the Google Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 news, everyone seems to have forgotten about Google Chrome OS that was supposed to be launched. There was even the Google Cr-48 notebook which was released but never saw the light of day in India. It was limited to a few users. Finally, there is some news on the upcoming line of Google OS netbooks from Acer and Samsung. We've talked about Samsung's new notebook - the Alex.

The new netbooks are expected to be out sometime in the middle of this year. Acer’s laptop codenamed ZGB is also going to be powered by an Atom processor, use a 1366x768 display. It should be available in either a 10 or a 12-inch size. Support for external displays using HDMI is also expected. Google is going to hold a developers conference in close to two weeks time in San Francisco. Hopefully, we’ll see more notebooks and a more complete operating system when that happens.
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