Acer announces Aspire M3 and Aspire V5 laptops with touchscreens


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6 May 2012
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In case you haven't noticed, there are two kinds of Windows 8 devices on display at IFA this week: laptop / tablet hybrids, and already-announced laptops, refreshed to include touch screens. Acer's newest two Ultrabooks fall into that second category: the company just announced touch-enabled versions of its Aspire M3 Ultrabook and Aspire V5 thin-and-light (pictured). For now, Acer isn't saying a word about price or availability, so for now you'll have to be content with a few spec details.

Starting with the Aspire M3 Touch, it has a frameless, 15.6-inch screen, and the same aluminum design as the older M3. Thanks to that touchscreen, though, its chassis has widened to 22mm thick (the weight is now 2.3kg, or 5.07 pounds). On the inside, though, not much has changed: it will still be offered with Ivy Bridge processors and discrete NVIDIA graphics -- in this case, a GeForce GT640M GPU.

It's a similar story with the Aspire V5 Touch laptops, which will be sold with 14- and 15-inch screens. Here, too, the design resembles already-available V5 laptops, except these have a little extra heft due to touchscreen. Also, the touchpads are said to be larger this time around. Now, they measure a little under 23mm thick, and weigh 2.1kg and 2.4kg, respectively. Though the V5 has always been low-end compared to the M3, it offers potentially similar horsepower, with Ivy Bridge CPUs and discrete NVIDIA graphics.





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