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7 Apr 2011
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Reliance IPTV brings to you the best, most interactive and personalised TV viewing experience.

Reliance IPTV focuses on providing high-quality video and enhancing your overall TV viewing experience.

Reliance IPTV redefines TV viewing, creating immersive experiences for its customers at the click of a remote button. Every aspect of the Reliance IPTV interface (service) is thoughtfully and simplistically designed to make customers viewing experience enjoyable and effortless.

User Interface Seamless and intuitive, supported by your language of choice

Remote Control
Multi-functional, operates STB, TV and DVD/VCR.

Set-Top-Box Simple installation and self-provisioning of services


Reliance IPTV will offer the largest library of national, international and regional video content – movies, music, and more. No more bad prints or fear of using pirated movies. Choice of over hundreds of TV channels including High Definition (HD) channels and exclusive Reliance Channels.

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