7 Emerging Vendors in Cloud Computing Storage !


2 May 2011
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Cloud computing storage faces the challenge of providing remote access to ever growing mountains of data.

Businesses are generating more and more data each and every year, much of it unstructured. As data continues to grow exponentially, the management and storage of data and multimedia files is becoming an unwieldy challenge.

Without effective data storage and management solutions, businesses can find themselves at a loss when trying to retrieve assets, losing versioning control, and creating redundancies throughout their organization -- translating into increased costs and man hours devoted to retrieval and recreating files.

While unstructured data is growing at an average rate of about 50-60% per year, according to IDC, at the same time more and more computing workloads are being virtualized. Most experts believe that 50% or more of all workloads will be virtualized by 2012. Add it all up and there is a distinct need for vastly different, dynamic approaches to storage that take advantage of the cloud.

The following vendors are at the forefront of tackling the various challenges of data storage and management – from assisting small and medium-sized businesses to enabling management of the largest corpora of data to date. In alphabetical order, here are 7 emerging cloud storage vendors who could help you get a handle on your data headaches.
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