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Pot calling the kettle black 😅

Someone needs to explain to him that higher frequency bands sell at lower price on a per MHz one is to one comparison.
He is trying to absolve his reputation after the 2G scam case, his comments make no impact to DoT or TRAI.
AM Raja is such a cr00k, he has am twisted the STL Telecom (not sure about the name). He is such a fool to know that the Spectrum which needs lots & lots of towers to be installed to even cover a small space, has very very less value (hence 26GHz is cheapest). He is the SHAME of TamilNadu.

His demands remind me about the small story in MahaBharat, where Dhuryodhan was asked to visit his country fellows in disguise and rate how good are his countrymen. After his visit, Dhuryodan says, "All my countrymen are either liars or greedy as hell or bloddy cheaters -- All are very very worse than myself" while he is the total form of all he has said. When the same thing was told to Dharma, he came back with this answer, "All my countrymen are either very very hard workers or very honest or filled with Love for other human -- Everybody is better than me in one way or another". No further explanations needed, I think.
This is what the current spectrum holding of private operators looks like after the auction.

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DoT is working at war-footing, spectrum harmonisation in all bands completed in just 1 day and official allotment of fresh spectrum won in the auction to operators is scheduled to happen on 12th August. So we can expect at least some rollout announcement to happen on 15th August.
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