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Sad News 30 People Killed, 50 Injured in a mosque explosion in Peshawar, Pakistan


7 Sep 2020
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People here with a saint dp with their broken English lectures others but themselves gives haha reaction on the violence happening in our own country wow👏 kings of hypocrisy haha the same guy with the saint dp gives haha/angry reactions on Shri Ram Mandir verdict , Diwali and then questions others on what they are doing 😂

So getting straight to the point i don't give a s*** what happens in Pak what happens to the people there i will always give the haha reactions on bomb attacks happening in pak if you got any problems with that do something about it please.

Now go and cry for pak 🤡's
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Arpan Ghosh

2 Aug 2019
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If anyone has any complaints about my post then he/she can report the post. Moderators will take action as per forum rules. In that case I have nothing to say.
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