Zicom Forays Into Surveillance Services


5 Aug 2011
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Zicom Electronic Security Systems has recently announced a foray into Surveillance-as-a- Service (SaaS). The company has floated a new entity called Zicom SaaS to take the initiative forward. The business model is structured around offering services by using the cloud for data and video, remote managed alarms, remote monitoring of video, etc.

According to a study done by Deloitte, the electronic SaaS market is pegged at Rs 225 crore, and is growing at about 30 percent per annum. Zicom is investing approximately $10 million as part of the first phase. The money would be spent to build IT infrastructure, network connectivity and set up a security operation center.

The service, conceptualized on physical security asset management, starts from Rs 1,400. Zicom will provide hardware (cameras) and report vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the physical security to its customers. It will also set alarms to activate people during emergencies. The company is targeting the large enterprise with branch offices, residential clusters and schools. In fact the company is running pilots with three residential societies in Mumbai. It will launch a formal program called ‘Make Mumbai Safe’ on January 25.

Pramoud Rao, MD, Zicom, has formed a team of 20 people for the new business. “We are currently focusing on opportunities in Mumbai. We want to develop it, create a model, test it, and then throw it open to the channel by May 2012,” he said.

Zicom would prepare a new breed of service partners. Said Rao, “We will initially scout for security and service specialists and then leverage our active base of 2,000 resellers across the country.”

The company will train the new partners at its Advanced Security Training Management Institute in Mumbai.

source : CRN
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