Youngsters in India spend more time online than on TV

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31 Oct 2011
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udience and ad measurement platform ViziSense recently conducted a research on the online behavior of youth in India. The dipstick study involved an online survey among 500 young users from within the online ViziSense India panel.

According to the research, Internet is a preferred medium compared to television for youngsters in India. 56 per cent of them spend more than two hours on the internet during the weekday as against just 44 per cent of them spending even more than one hour watching television. The engagement with internet further increases on weekends with 69 per cent youngsters spending more than two hours as compared to 35 per cent spending more than three hours watching television.

An interesting highlight of the study was that youngsters prefer to visit Facebook and social media pages of companies rather than their websites for information around companies and their products/offerings.

According to the research, almost all youngsters (15-24 years) rely on the internet when it comes to mobiles, computers and car purchases. The term computer broadly includes tablets and laptops.

Close to 2/3rd of the youngsters online have been actively using the internet for more than two years making them 'mature' users of the medium. Their confidence in the medium is also reflected by the fact that 81 per cent of users are comfortable sharing personal information online.

The usage of Internet by youngsters further extends to mobile with 50 per cent of them accessing the web daily through their mobile phones. Apart from checking mails and social networking which is done by 79 per cent and 67 per cent of mobile web users respectively, it is seen that they are warming up to mobile e-commerce with 23 per cent of them using mobile to make online payments.

ViziSense GM Amit Bhartiya said, "Online is now entrenched in the daily lives of youth in India, more than any other medium. They show high dependence on the use of the Internet for almost all their commerce, entertainment and other content consumption and this should only reinforce the importance of this medium for marketers. The other strong message that came out through the research is that youth prefer online to other media is because it facilitates two-way interaction and engagement with brands and companies vs. any other media".
Well bro. I think both are not good if we spend more time on9 or on tv more than limit it will effect to health.these days child losing their physical fitness bcz most of the time they are at home either watching tv or surfing on net.
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