Yahoo shuts down news operations in India over FDI regulations

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27 Mar 2021
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American web services provider Yahoo shut down its services in India on Thursday, August 26, thereby ceasing the publication of content operations across the country from this day onwards. However, the web portal, owned by technology company Verizon Media, assured its users that their Yahoo accounts, e-mail, and search experiences will not be affected in any manner

Die Yahoo! Die. Internet will be a better place without you.
What he done wrong bro ?? I don't know that's why asking
Destroyed Yahoo Answers with several useless revamps. Than finally shut down it down after me using it for over 10 years. I miss my old friends from Yahoo Answers.
The Yahoo India sites that have shut down include Yahoo Cricket, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Entertainment, and MAKERS India. The new FDI regulations for digital media limit foreign ownership of media companies that operate and publish digital content in India in the 'News and Current Affairs' space, impacting our products Yahoo Cricket, Finance, News, Entertainment, and MAKERS India.

Update on Yahoo India | Account Help - SLN35842
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