Yahoo planning to spy on user's emails: Report


7 Apr 2011
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WASHINGTON: Internet giant Yahoo has drawn flak for planning to spy on emails on behalf of advertisers.

Yahoo has reportedly changed its 'terms and conditions' to get permission to view and scan emails. The move has been termed as 'blatant intrusion of privacy' by users, The Daily Mail reports.

According to the new change in 'terms of conditions of use,' Yahoo will also be able to spy on incoming emails from individuals and businesses without prior permission or warning.

Yahoo, however, is pressing ahead with the change on the basis it will allow the company to identify which celebrities, subjects, sports, hobbies and products a particularly customer is interested in.

The users visiting a range of websites would then see pop-up advertisements that are relevant to keywords in outgoing and incoming emails.

"Users who choose to accept the new terms will allow Yahoo's computer systems to identify words, links, people and subjects from their email, so that we can deliver exciting new product features," Yahoo said.

Yahoo has said customers will receive a pop-up asking them to agree to the new terms and conditions.

"It is extremely disappointing that Yahoo has opted to intrude on privacy in this way. Web users have a right not to see their personal messages trawled through in order to boost Yahoo's advertising revenue." Big Brother Watch Director, Daniel Hamilton was quoted as saying.

The US based company provides an email service to thousands of people, including children across the world.

Source: timesofindia
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