Xperia Play gets 'FIFA 12 for Android' ahead of other devices


5 Aug 2011
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The countless hordes of Xperia Play owners across the world can rejoice with the knowledge that EA Mobile’s FIFA 12 for Android will be available exclusively for their phones from this holiday season. The rest – those who own regular Android devices – will have to wait till February 12, 2012. The full version of the game for consoles and PCs will be available at the end of next month.
Developed by EA Mobile for Android, EA Sport’s FIFA 12 has been optimized for the “first PlayStation certified smartphone,” capable of running at 60fps on its graphics processor. The Android version of the game will also have improved audio, with enhanced commentary and crowd chants.
Dominic Neil-Dwyer, Head of Market Development for Sony Ericsson, added: "FIFA 12 will undoubtedly be one of this year's most popular games and Xperia Play consumers will be able to master it before any other Android users. Adding to a portfolio of quality games for Xperia Play, FIFA 12 adapts perfectly to the device and delivers the best football experience on Android."

Source : Digit magazine.
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