Xiaomi launches Wyatt Meter mechanical keyboard for Rs 3,000


21 Jun 2013
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A couple of days back, Xiaomi teased a mechanical gaming keyboard on its crowdfunding platform and it has finally launched it in China. Called ‘Wyatt Meter’ and priced at RMB 299 (approximately Rs 3,000), the keyboard brings a bunch of cool features without burning a hole in your pocket. Listed on Xiaomi’s Mijia crowdfunding platform, the keyboard is expected to start shipping after November 29. However, like most Xiaomi ecosystem products, there is no word on whether or not it will be available outside China.

With dimensions of 358mm x 128mm x 31.6mm and weighing 940g, the keyboard has 87 keys and a 6-layer design. Its body is made from H32 aluminum alloy steel which adds to its ergonomics and durability. There is also a stand that props to six-degrees angle to prevent your hands from aching when using the keyboard for long hours.The cap on each key is made from translucent polycarbonate and ABS resin, which can be replaced. This allows users to customize the keys based on their preference.

The letters and symbols printed on the keys are wear resistant. The TTC Red Switches are designed to withstand up to 50 million hits, making it suitable for gaming. The keyboard also features STMicroelectronic master chip built on 32-bit ARM architecture, clocked at 1,000MHz and response time of 1ms. It can support up to 11 key presses without any contradiction.

The Wyatt meter keyboard is fitted with 3,528 LED lights and offers six levels of brightness. Users can not only configure the intensity of LED lights, but also change the hue between white light and orange-white. In terms of keys, you get the function keys on top, scroll lock key, Windows button and arrow keys too. To connect the keyboard with your PC or laptop, there is a microUSB port at the top left corner. You’ll need a USB to microUSB cable for this.

Besides the Wyatt meter mechanical keyboard,
Xiaomi also launched a slew of other non-smartphone accessories recently. This includes Mi Umbrella priced at $10 (which is approximately Rs 700). It is made from a special fabric and has a Teflon coating with water resistance to easily shake off water droplets from it, and also offer protection from harmful UV rays.

The other product is Mi Pen which costs under $3, or approximately Rs 210. It is a regular refillable pen that uses Swiss PREMEC refills along with quick-drying Japanese mikuni ink. This special ink easily dries up, but does not fade.

Xiaomi had also launched a Wowstick 1fs electric screwdriver with pen-like design in aluminum finish. Weighing around 234 grams, it is compact, portable and also includes manual and automatic modes. The screwdriver also features features an LED ‘shadowless’ light for illumination in dark. It has a screwless interface and 3-axis self-locking structure for protecting the motor. The screwdriver can attain maximum speed of up to 100 rotations per minute. The package also includes an extension rod and six standard magnetic bits, and for those who want more, they can pay a little extra and get 18 bits set too. The Wowstick 1fs electric screwdriver costs RMB 199, which is approximately Rs 2,000.

Xiaomi launches Wyatt Meter mechanical keyboard for Rs 3,000
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